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About me

Michael Gunter

Hi, I'm Michael, a deep thinker, a great oratator, and an information technology professional who aspires to make a great impact in society. Currently, I am majoring in Information Technology and minoring in Computer Science at the Florida State University. I plan to pursue a career related to information systems once I complete my undergraduate degree program. Outside of learning and utilizing technology skills, I read up on articles that pertain to current events, geography, health, and culture. I love to read, analyze, and utilize information in a manner that helps me understand different perspectives and ideas. I currently hold a 3.5 cummulative GPA and I plan to graduate from FSU at Spring of 2018. My goal is to not only better myself but also others in my community.

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What I can offer

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Technical Skills

During my time in college, I acquired specialized skills such as troubleshooting, technical writing, and programming which are vital for success in my field of study.

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Interpersonal Skills

During my time in college, I improved on my communication and leadership skills in a manner that allowed me to see where my strengths were, how I can improve.

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Professional Experience

From teaching K-12 students about STEM concepts, to interning with the Palm Beach County School District, I gained experiences that helped prepare me for the workforce.