The Benefits of Programming Shortcuts: Arrays and Loops

So recently, I’ve been writing simple Java programs to prepare myself for my Java programming course. I am currently learning Java using an online course called Learning Java. I also wanted to test the syntax highlighting of my Jekyll theme, so here goes nothing. So lets say you want... [Read More]

Cryptojacking Explained

So a few months ago, a service called Coinhive appeared on various websites. For those who are not familiar, Coinhive is a service that allows websites to integrate JavaScript cryptocurrency miners into their webpages so that the resources of client devices could be used to generate cryptocurrency. The problem with... [Read More]

Another Day Another Screwup By Mozilla

So I decided to checkout the subreddit /r/Firefox and saw something rather interesting. It seems that Mozilla has partnered with the TV series Mr. Robot to promote their browser and some people online are rather upset ticked with the way Mozilla has implemented this thing. Apparently, Mozilla introduced a... [Read More]

Why I Ditched WordPress for Jekyll

Recently I noticed some hacking attempts that were made toward my blog. I know that this blog post may not be the most elegant but I feel the need to explain what has happened to this blog over the past few months. While I usually encounter hacking attempts and have... [Read More]